Custom Metal & Aluminum Gates

Keystone Welding manufactures beautiful ornamental gates with custom handmade craftsmanship that can’t be matched. We do most of our work in Edmonton and the surrounding areas. Our products can be used to provide security as well as aesthetic appeal to your property, providing you peace of mind with a touch of elegance. All of our products are hand-welded for superior quality and strength. We even offer installation services for customers in Alberta. You can look through our gallery for a gate, fence, or railing design that will meet your needs, or you can ask us to custom build to your exact specifications. Designs can range anywhere from antique and historical looking right to new and modern.

Product Features

  • Custom Designs: Present us with your ideas and we will build your vision for you
  • Custom Specifications: All design aspects from opening size to height can be customed to meet your exact needs
  • Solid Construction: Every gate is welded as a single, solid unit for optimal strength
  • Powder Coating: With a variety of finishes available and colors you can get the exact look you desire
  • Maintenance Free: When you choose to have your project powder coated it is maintenance free
  • Installation: We can install the products we build

Feel free to read more about our services or browse our gallery of past projects. Call us for more information.